Thursday, November 1, 2007

Friday Whatzit

Okay, I know this one is cheating, completely unfair. I know that. But I get a kick out of it and I encourage you to guess anyway.

The question is not so much "Whatzit?" but "What's inside that thing?"

Here's the thing in question:

It's a custom made box, approximately 12" by 15", has a lid, and is about 3" deep. The box is made from archival acid-free, lignin-free cardboard.

But what's inside it? I don't think I'll tell you anything about it. Just this: There are two objects inside this very prettily made box.

All shall be revealed on Monday, but I look forward to your wild guesses. :D


Allyson Lazar said...

A pair of moccasins?

Larissa B. said...

If you aren't going to give clues, I'm going to give multiple guesses! Gloves, knitted socks, wooden fork and knife, two daguerreotype photographs. Can't wait to see what is actually inside!

Richard said...

Jimmy Hoffa's loafers.