Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Not, SPOON!, as in the battle cry of The Tick. But spoon as in a utensil used in the preparation, distribution and consumption of food.

3-266, Northwest Coast Wooden spoon

I've been making slow and steady progress through small portions of the collection. One of my projects this week was the rehousing, cataloging, and photography of a small collection of Northwest Coast wooden and horn spoons. The above is pretty typical of the wooden spoons, undecorated with a large bowl.

I should have taken a "Before" picture of storage, but I missed my chance. This is how the spoons are stored now:
Spoon Storage

I made custom cavities in 2" thick ethafoam for the smaller spoons. The larger spoons are required by space constraints to lay on their sides for the time being. They will be given custom mounts when we have moved. Some of the boxes are not permanent, thus there are some foam spacers in boxes to prevent the movement of the mounts. The boxes are custom made as well. And now the spoons are just about ready to be packed and moved, which is the ultimate goal.

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