Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bloggy Recommendations

Do you like reading this blog? Wanna find some more museum-y type blogs to read? Here's are three that I'm really digging right now:

Curator's Corner. From the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum written by Curator Kim Kenney. Very chatty and a great look into the variety of projects Ms. Kenney is involved in.

The Bowers Museum Collection Blog. Profiles one object each week with really excellent information and great photos. Very interesting stuff.

Smithsonian's Office of Exhibits Central. A really remarkable look behind the scenes of how exhibits are built. Posting can be erratic, but worth adding to your feed reader when they do post.

There are loads and loads of us museum bloggers out there now. Do you read more than one museum blog? What makes a good one? Do museum blogs make you think differently about the institutions who blog?

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