Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008 - Whatzit?

Oh boy have I got a good whatzit for you today! At least I think so. Check it out (click to view larger version):


It's metal, you can turn the hand crank which causes the two rollers to turn, and it's a pretty sturdy little machine. There's a small tab in front that can move back and forth adjusting... something.

From the back:

There are a few more photos, including of the text on the object, in our Flickr stream. Take a look at them, then come back here and give me your best guess on this mystery machine. All will be revealed early next week.


Larissa B. said...

A dryer? You know put your wet clothes through to squeeze out the water before you hung it to dry.

bronwyn said...

completely impractical but is it a paper or cardboard crimper? my siblings and i used to make something like this from lego when we were younger.